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RT @aja__moore: if u guess my favourite lines in my own book i will personally mail u a copy & a letter too
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RT @sinfulpluto: this is what happens when you push a cancer’s buttons too much
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RT @pamelalisabeyer: i’m always erasing my dreams by looking at my phone
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RT @anotherginsberg: Big news everyone! I'm starting an arts magazine! Submissions are currently open for poetry / weird shit, and as we se…
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OMEGA | Laura McPhee-Browne
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Laura McPhee-Browne

06 Jun Laura McPhee-Browne



Dress well. You must remember to dress well. Dressing well is not just about the clothes but the way you wear them, about the way you catch the germane eye. Never underestimate the role that fabric can play.

Spend time with the moon. Get to know it in all its shapes and shades of chalk, from early evening until early morning. The sun is not so important; it is far too bright and knows too much. The moon will make sure any saviours are sleeping.

Carelessness is never helpful—you must be mindful of every choice you make. Ask for the most from every interaction, every waiting mouth, by smiling, imbibing and saving your eyes for the ones who wait in the corners. They are your landlords, your sole proprietors. They are waiting, heart and soul, to help you.



Laura McPhee-Browne is a writer and social worker living in Melbourne. She is currently working on her first book, a collection of ‘homage’ or ‘echo’ stories inspired by the short fiction of her favourite female writers. You can find her at

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