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OMEGA | Lena Suksi
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Lena Suksi

08 Jun Lena Suksi




I try to dream of the world
among the stars
with its breath deep and heavy and its skirts torn,


almost ash on its face,
like a cartoon getting ready
for bed in the pantry. Picture
the world with a broom.


The world surrounded
by moonglow, and manifest
in dreaming


it is other than itself.






Unreal grace in the light
of explosive phenomena and turnover, oh you
are so often tender in
the predictable ways token of
a culture that promises it will hold


I am grateful and patient,
your twin you didn’t know about kneeling


in a solid square of pink show light
barely breathing, just super grateful
for your lethal grace,
planning its altered imitation.





Magdalena Suksi is a Pisces with Scorpio rising. She reads horoscopes and poetry in Toronto. Both make sense of how a person can be themselves beyond the things the world calls them as instantly.

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