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OMEGA | Melanie Power
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Melanie Power

31 Jul Melanie Power



For Frank O’Hara


“it was a summer of
street closures,” they’ll
say of Montreal 2017. St-Lo, des Pins,
de Maisonneuve, Milton,
sending us into back alleys
and side streets on bikes
like happy hidden criminals.


my heart full of Frank O’Hara today,
reading “Having a Coke With You”
as he smokes in black and white. and wouldn’t it be nice
to write something so beautiful?
all I could think of in
New York City this spring was you, asking
always asking, “what would Frank do?”
wouldn’t you judge me
for staying at a hotel on Upper East Side,
for staying
in a hotel that gives silk slippers and
thick robes? I swear I didn’t
pick it, I just know some rich people
and, well, they love me. And Frank,
what do you think of the Met? I don’t think
you could have sat that still, even for Mozart. I’m sure back
then you could smoke inside. but everything these days
kills you Frank, most people’ve quit. can you believe these days no one


writes a real story without a laptop or cellphone in it?
Frank, you know I carried “Lunch Poems”
at my side the whole trip, mapping your New
York, divining
clues from the lines– so it was first of course to MoMa,
then to the Frick
to see the Polish Rider. an art teacher
was blocking it, giving a lecture to
her pupils. I listened
like an infidel. you know sometimes I feel I don’t
believe in anything, except maybe
your love of paintings and my love for you, you
whose poems are mostly happy laughing. but today
the Plateau looks beautiful in a muted, movie way


and I am full of good love and the warm weather
here too is holding




Melanie Power is a poet based in Montreal, Quebec, whose work considers very serious subjects like dead people and brunch places. Her poetry has been published in Southword Journal, parenthetical, Soliloquies Anthology and Headlight Anthology. She’s looking 4 a higher power.

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