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RT @invisibooks: "As poets, it's up to us to create our own personal sense of value." Read more from Ashley Obscura (@hologramrainbow), man…
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OMEGA | Richard Kerwin
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Richard Kerwin

18 Mar Richard Kerwin



i am the human
i imitate light
i put bees before antlers

i whistled superciliously
i ate the broken acorn
i had a tantrum at the grocery

will the candlewax forgive me
will the filaments forgive me
will my mother forgive me

will swearing kill me
will eating chocolate kill me
will a psychiatrist kill me

am i invisible
am i invincible
am i immortal

can i kiss you on the red line
can i pull your hair
can i see you in austin

will you miss me
will you miss me
will you miss me

i buried the anthill
i tried to find you
i got lost

will you miss me
will you miss me
will you miss me


richard kerwin is a poet, collage artist, and animator of gifs. they’ve published in fruita pulp, the torist (upcoming), and trash talk press and you can see more of their regular brain trash here.

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