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Big thank you to everyone who submitted to this year’s Metatron Prize. We will have a shortlist ready for you all i…
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RT @alex_icon: porting this idea over to twitter in case anyone's itching to a) own my book of poems and b) donate some money to a charity…
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RT @yyzachary: hi, my venus is in virgo, here’s a love poem. (in the current @PrismLitMag; thanks to outgoing editor @Shazia_R) https://t
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RT @LibrairieDandQ: We are excited to launch Obits, the first full-length collection of poetry by Tess Liem, this Monday Sept 17 at La Peti…
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We have extended the deadline for The Metatron Prize by ONE DAY bcuz it seems a bunch of you had problems submittin…
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OMEGA | Ruby Brunton
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Ruby Brunton

06 Mar Ruby Brunton


get a tattoo
don’t get a tattoo
delete all your dating apps
write less
spend more time with me
write for more reputable publications
do more yoga
dress sexier
dress less sexy
dress a little more like a girl next door
wear less black
wear more black
wear more makeup
wear less makeup
turn that frown upside down
speak a little less speak more quietly
text less
sext more
send nudes
be healthier
be less healthy
stay out late
get up early
speed up
slow down
dance for me
dance with me
dance on me
choose a nickname
don’t share it
choose a safe word
be a bad girl
you’re a good girl
aren’t you
you like that
don’t you
say yes


Ruby Brunton is a New Zealand-raised poet and performer who now lives in Brooklyn. She’s had poems in Metatron, The 4 Poets, Queen Mobs and The Felt. She has essays in Complex, The New Inquiry and Mask Magazine where she is a contributing editor. Find her on Twitter & Tumblr @rubybrunton.

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