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RT @bradcasey4evr: today I got a $150 royalty cheque and would love to redistribute, if you’re a BIPOC or 2SLGBTQ writer DM me a screenshot…
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RT @peachmgzn: 💻🍑 Excited to intro @internetfantasy! Ivanna Baranova is the author of CONFIRMATION BIAS (@metatronpress). Her work has appe…
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RT @poetshouse: This morning I invented A future which any day now I will enter. Sarah Jean Grimm @metatronpress
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A little update on our campaign! With your help we managed to raise $1111 (it was $1108 but we decided to round it…
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OMEGA | Sofia Banzhaf
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Sofia Banzhaf

31 Aug Sofia Banzhaf



Chateau Chevaux is full of hair. There are two cats and our plastic barbie pony is propped up on the broken 1970’s television set. The plastic pony has a tail of synthetic hair. The cats play with the tail. The pony has alopecia. The pony’s name is Bunny. There is me and there is my roommate. We both have long hair. Sometimes find a hair in my mouth and I pull on it and it turns out it was all the way in my throat and I pull for a long time and try not to breathe. My roommate has black hair. Really black. Like marbles or oil. She walks around in gym shorts and she mutters to herself. She has psoriasis. Psoriasis. She leaves halved rotting peaches and limes around the house—just leaves them around. She told me she had had a psychotic episode when she lived in France. She is French. She told me she had had a psychotic episode involving a fruit stand collapsing. Involving her mother losing a tooth. Involving thousands of Euros going missing. I said, move in with me. I said, you seem nice, move in with me. You brought me cupcakes, move in with me. So now whose fault is it that I live with a muttering French girl. It is my fault.We have hair and it clogs the shower drain. We are girls and our hair clogs the shower drain. It makes our showers into baths for small animals, for rodents.

My roommate knows about cheese. She is French and she knows some things about cheese. She knows about Morbier. She knows about Brillat Savarin. She knows about St. Felicien. She talks about cheese and now I know about cheese. I once made her pasta with blue cheese and she didn’t finish it. I don’t know that much about cheese.

My roommate calls me when I am in bed. She calls me when I am in bed but it is not night, it is the afternoon. She calls me and she says what’s up and her voice is weird. I say, what’s up. She says, what are you doing. I say, I am working out to this work-out video. It is called shred til you’re dead. She says, cool. I say, what’s wrong. She says, nothing. I say, what’s wrong. She says, bad things are happening. She says, bad things are happening to good people. I say, really. She says, yes. Bad things are happening to good people because the planet is in retrograde. But soon the planet will move out of retrograde. And then good things will happen to good people. And bad people will try to stop good things from happening to good people. I say, am I good people. She says, shut up. She says, listen. She says, something is going on. She says, reality isn’t real. There is another reality that is more real and we go there when we sleep. The soul, she says. I say, cool. She says, no, you don’t understand. I have to do something. Things are bad. She says, you don’t understand. My life has been orchestrated for this moment. I have to stop them, she says. She says, you don’t understand. I can control the sun.

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