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Issue I – MAINTENANCE – Jay Ritchie


wash the pots and pans
fill up the dish washer
buy dishwasher pods
refill the soap dispenser
dry dishes
empty the dishwasher
clean the         stovetop
remove the knobs
clean behind the knobs
clean the         element trays
clean the fridge
wipe down the top of the fridge
wipe down the interior drawers of the fridge
clean the cutlery drawer
wash the floor
put the rug in the         washing machine
sweep the dining room
mop the dining room rug

change the kitty litter
clean the tub
scrub the toilet
clean the         bathroom sink
clean the

clean the toothbrush jar
wipe down         both mirrors in the bathroom
dust the lightbulbs
dust the surfaces in the bathroom
wipe down the         shower stall
clean the bathroom in the
clean the floor in the bathroom
refill the toilet paper rolls
do the laundry
loads of blacks
and bedsheets
hang delicates to dry
fold the towels
refill laundry soap
iron delicates

refill cat food
refill cat water
restock the pantry
refill         jars in the kitchen from the pantry
dust the shelves in the dining room
clear off the dining room table
clear off the computer desk
take out the recycling
take out the compost
take out the garbage

take donated items to renaissance
sweep the living room
clear out clutter in the         living room
dust the bookshelves
wipe down surfaces in the dining room
vacuum the hard to reach corners in the living room
dust the fan blades for the ceiling fan
dust the upper shelves with a cloth
wipe down the remotes
make the bed
wash the bedsheets
vacuum under the bed
vacuum in the corners
mend clothing
clear out clothes
tidy         side tables
dust the         lamps beside the beds
refill the humidifier

water the plants
clip back any dead plant leaves
take out the compost
vacuum the rugs by the front door
tidy up boots
tidy up keys and sunglasses by the front door
take out the recycling
water the plants

vacuum the hard to reach corners
wipe out the      container for the tooth brushes
buy more toothpaste
take out the garbage
wash the         insides of the windows
wash the outsides of the windows
wipe down window ledges and cracks
vacuum into hard to reach corners
dust the bookshelves
dust and wipe down the lamps
change the kitty litter
refill the cat food
refill the cat water
scrub the pots and pans
wipe down the stove
wipe down the kettle
clean out the cutlery drawer
sweep the floors in the kitchen
wipe down handles

mop the bathroom floor
take out the garbage
make the bed
fold the laundry
change over the laundry
put in a new load of laundry
fold the towels
hang up the delicates
sweep the dining room
wipe down the fan blades
vacuum under the radiators
mop the floors
mop the floors in the bedroom
mop the floors in the living room
mop the floors in the dining room
mop the floors in the kitchen
mop the floors in the bathroom

wipe down the washer and dryer

change the kitty litter
take out the compost
scrub the pots and pans
put away the dishes
buy more dish washer pods
clean the fridge door
wipe down the inside of the fridge
clean the counter tops
sweep the dining room
declutter the desk
make lunch
make dinner
make breakfast
refill the jars from the panty
restock the pantry
refill the toilet paper
wipe down the shower stall
clean the tub
clean out the jar for the toothbrushes
restock the toothpaste
wash the dishes
wash the dishes
wash the dishes
wash the dishes




Moira Gatens, Feminism and Philosophy 
Mary Kelly, Post-partum Document (1973-79) 
Helen Molesworth, “House Work and Art Work”
Mierle Laderman Ukeles, “Manifesto for Maintenance Art 1969!”



Jessica Bebenek is an interdisciplinary writer & educator currently based in Tiohtià:ke (Montreal). Bebenek’s recent work can be found in carte blanche, The Ampersand Review, Vallum, and Watch Your Head. Her seventh poetry chapbook, I REMEMBER THE EXORCISM, was published in 2022 by Gap Riot Press. Her first full-length poetry collection, No One Knows Us There, will be published by Book*hug Press in 2025.

IG: @notyrmuse