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Issue IV – RIVER OF TIME – Alasdair Rees

I’m fag
In the smokers pit

Fucking it all up at least you know you
Willed it

Legs two by four pirouette feet cocotte
Lol I shouldn’t be like this

Walking for blocks just to find a park bench
Stealing huge swathes of flowers I’m sick to my stomach

With South Brooklyn discard
Assemble my altar

Limp pylon, head of pigeon
Confirmation email for my cloud storage paycheck

The s in surveillance stands for safety
A loud voice now undresses me

Craving a ~
No nic again k ya

Same voice CCTVs the cosmos
Kissing my cigarette over and over

You betray your body
When you break a habit

Thank you so much!
Thank you so much for everything!

Waiting for the bus
A daisy market




Lucas Regazzi is an artist and writer based in New York.