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Issue III – THE SPIRIT IS A BONE – Ali Pinkney

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Asher Woodhead
Featuring vocals by Caitlin Woelfe O’Brien


Colour Of A Kiss

Turning the diamond I see you through
When light hits your prism and it splinters
Don’t get me wrong, I have only one ask
I just wanna turn back our colours to light

Release it
Now I’ve only one ask
I just wanna get near your colours and light

Silence is getting me nowhere
Say something but don’t know what to
So tell me
What do you see?
What is the colour of a kiss?
So clearly
Now I only ask this
I just wanna get near your colour and light




Asher Woodhead is a musician working in Montréal. He previously released music under the name Doldrums and is currently performing in a band called Crasher.