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Issue III – THE SPIRIT IS A BONE – Ali Pinkney

this composite image is a documentation of a site-specific installation which explores notions of home and belonging by negotiating the tension felt at the imaginary meeting points of divergent material cultures. the original work is a hybrid and unfixed portal that joins together paper (used to line many surfaces inside traditional korean homes) & stained glass. through its digitization, the invisible emotional field of the work is rendered palpable: the presence of ancestors which have a grasp on my creation process quietly shines.



flora hammond is a bi-racial artist residing in Tio'tia:ke/ Mooniyang /Montreal. They create poetic entanglements which consider the intersection of western and eastern asian culture (specifically Korean) by taking root in language, literature, history and deep appreciation for extant remains of material culture. Their work is informed by a practice in paper making and more recently, metal casting.