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A: Is there human spirit more than corporeal?
X: Yes.
A: Does it survive death?
X: Yes.
A: Where does it go?
X: Down.
E: Does it have to?
X: No.
A: Where else does it go?
X: Up.
A: Is down Hell?
X: No. Goodbye.

E: What are you?
X: Was.
A: What were you?
X: Goodbye.

A: What do I want?
X: All now.
E: What are you?
X: Dead.
E: What dimension are you in?
X: A lot of no matter.
A: Why YOU with US?
X: Near.
A: Why are you near?
X: You made me.
A: Do you like us?
X: Yes.
A: Why do you like us?
X: Playful.

E: What do you like to do?
X: Play.
E: What games do you like to play?
X: Mind. Goodbye.

E: Do you like music?
X: Yes.

A: Is my Dad happy?
X: Yes.

E: Do you know our names?
X: Yes.
E: What is my name?
X: [Gets it correct]
A: What’s mine?
X: [Gets it correct]

E: What do I love to do?
X: Maximum you.
E: What are you?
X: Dead.
A: What will I become?
X: Loved.
A: Is there reincarnation of the spirit?
X: Yes.
A: What was I?
X: No you.
E: What is my purpose on Earth?
X: Aye, many things.

A: Were you once man?
X: Yes.
E: Why are you still around?
X: Axis of Tho(z) [or] (y)
E: What is the Axis of Thoz?… or Thoy?
X: Z.
E: So you’re here because of the Axis of Thoz?
X: No.
E: What is the Axis of Thoz?
X: [Uncertain answer—gibberish]
A: Do you want to scare?
X: Yes.
A: Why do you want to scare?
X: Nice. Goodbye.

A: Is the Black Lodge real?
X: Yes.
A: Are you from the Black Lodge?
X: Yes.
A: Do we have good vibes?
X: Yes.
A: Do you know whether we go up or down?
X: No.
A: Did you go down?
X: Yes.
E: Do you regret going down?
X: No.
E: Why did you go down?
X: By accident.
E: Do you spend a lot of time with us?
X: No only now.
E: Did we create you?
X: Yes.

E: What is your favourite number?
X: 0.
E: What number am I visualizing?
X: 4. [Correct]

A: How can I trust you?
X: Don’t
A: Does looking bring one up?
X: Yes.
A: So looking won’t bring one down?
X: Yes.
A: Will looking paradoxically bring one down also?
X: No.
A: Why do WE see it?
X: You look.
A: What do we see when we look at the sky?
X: Ethaer. [sic.?]
E: What is ethaer?
X: Vast.
E: What is your favourite thing to do?
E: Does being down mean serving the void?
X: Sort of.
E: Does marijuana have a negative effect on my spiritual progress?
X: Yes.
A: Why?
X: Blownmind.
E: Do demons try to mess with me?
X: Yes.
A: How?
X: Games.
A: What is hate?
X: None of you.
A: Does that mean love is all of you?
X: Yes.
A: When I said “you” I meant “one” were you thinking that too?
X: Yes.
E: Is there truth to numerology?
X: 06 No Yes

A: Is there truth to the Chinese Zodiac?
X: Yes.
A: Do you know truth?
X: Goodbye.
E: Was that noise you?
X: No.
A: What makes someone attractive?
X: Bravery.
E: Do you have any advice for us?
X: Forge zen.