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ANDY BEUYS ❋ Stephanie Barber

andy was disgusted with joseph’s
use of felt and wax and just the whole viscosity of
his poetry. his whole haptic thing.

but he loved joseph’s fat face.

it’s hard when you love a someone with whose
something you are displeased.

andy went to expensive hotel coffee shops
where glass walls looked onto
the boats of the wealthy.

joseph lived on a boat in andy’s sweet apartment.
he brought home delicate blossoms.
they wilted and he moved his torso with joy.

do you button up?
do you stop soon?
do you have the winter ask itself over
and over
and over again if it is alright
as you rub up against
its snowy morn?

andy was so conflicted
about joseph, his want of joseph, his boating
of joseph.