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ANTEPORTRAIT ❋ Charles Gonsalves

after Klara du Plessis

At the threshold of a collapse before the waters
an unfocusing of the eyes interacts with the vision
and a stillness in the body produces revelation.

Behind the hands there is an entire spectrum hidden.
Behind the hands there is always trembling information
and when I am at my most affected I am at my most

perceptive. No, I do not consider this a privilege.
No, there is no adequate response to the others that we are
constantly drowning in motion. I am here, accountable,

on the other side of the event; this is when
the fabric of the ocean hung between us starts
to tear, melt. The room, the flesh, these lines that I am

seeing through an expanse of shivering bright—
K.’s vestiges of slantwise light—
everything, everything, everything a flood from and unto her.

Now someone has seen me
and the truth begins to measure the left side of my face
as gently as a butterfly kiss.