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RT @meaganmasterman: "Every woman a political prisoner." - Diane DiPrima.
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RT @meaganmasterman: Been thinking about this quote constantly since the @metatronpress reading of "Revolutionary Letters" more than a year…
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RT @metatronpress: 🔸We are (gasp!)… HIRING!🔸 Metatron Press is seeking a part-time Publishing Assistant for a 10-month-long contract. Appl…
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RT @micaela_poetry: she’s a 10 but also a poet
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OMEGA | Ashley Opheim
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Author: Ashley Opheim

EE Jarvie

on the deep web searching for an exit has anyone seen an exit...

Charles Gonsalves

At the threshold of a collapse before the waters an unfocusing of the eyes interacts with the vision and a stillness in the body produces revelation....

Wassim Hage

ochre arms riveted and arrayed against kaleidoscopic funk, there is a circle and a thumping tide, a lilypad in the bed...

Suzanna Derewicz

I watch this teenage Judas basted on his birthday by a person like me, whose intro, bio before a feature, in a lit mag, is longer than any Wikipedia page they will ever own....

Andrea Mena

we drive apologetically while i place myself in the center of a foreign place here, my body begins where i end...

Amy Johnson

we walked all together in the dark, each one in their own universe, down the middle of the empty street. swimming in the aphotic zone. there were no words exchanged...

Parker Baldin

maybe one day you wake up without a blueprint you don’t understand you’re loneliness, because who are you even?...

Fall Catalogue Launch — Photos

[vc_row][vc_column width="1/6"][vc_empty_space height="32px"][/vc_column][vc_column width="2/3"][vc_column_text] On Friday November 10th we launched our new catalogue at La Sala Rossa in Montreal, Quebec. Our launch featured readings from Cason Sharpe, Rhiannon Collett, Tim Darcy, Ali Pinkney, Adam Zachary and Alex Manley. We raised over $400 for Taking What We Need, an informal community group...

Nada Alic

I tried letting it out but my sadness was old, and possibly handicapped. It would require several able-bodied men to hold it upright and walk slowly with it towards the exit. It would complain about a draft along the way. It would need to stop and take its pills. It...

Brad Casey

a field full of horses and all their hairs are mirrors and all the mirrors you and when they trot the wind full of wind chimes...