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BLUE-TIFUL ❋ Daphné B.

lady sings the blues

she tells


the world will know

her blues is all

billie h.


my screen

still glows

church is a Scandinavian spa

my degree

a child’s drawing

a faux-vintage video

of flowers


and highways

I who drown

slow motion

lean on the wall


as if I was



people from highschool get married

I write poems

on my macbook

I see

their kids running


rock-a-bye baby void

a saved a little nothing

from falling


open bar

of melancholy

on youtube

of tremblay

and doritos

at the neighbors



baby void

no longer

sleeps at night



the sun says hello


my ugliness spills out of the


I fooled you

but at least

I write



son of a bitch


and little


my words had a tough childhood

as everyone



from the top of her building

she leans

girls please hold


do you think mom

will be famous one day?



one day someone will hold you so tight

you will feel whole again

two penguins kiss

on my Facebook thread

loneliness has no age

it has every hour



time up front


and on the sides

is to be picked

off the ground

like a penny




I coat my body

with peach coral and salmon

look like a woman


other women



the weather is earl grey

in a dressing gown

it’s wearing the same dress as me

and I’m annoyed



what are you saying


if you please,

what are you saying

that can reassure me



dad gives me a butterball turkey

he says

you were that big

I used to hold you

in a single hand



on the picture

her hair gets down

on its knees

her smile


she must spend her days

being prettier than me




I’ll bake you a pie

I beg you

I do not want to weep

between sheets



just let me bake you

a pie


I know

that’s not me


nor I

Mona Lisa



but I will be Blue-tiful

I’ll do anything it takes

I’ll shave

cut my feet

apply nail polish




feet are red

like a smile



if I have to count down the seconds

that separate me

from your voice

I prefer to watch a movie

when you will ask

about what I was doing

I won’t tell you

I was waiting


I was watching The Birds



when you come home

I want you to see me

from the inside

I want you to take me

by the handle



I adjust

my eyes

and smiles

it’s been two hours

I was waiting for you

water is boiling

and I’m the only one

to smell the pie


the entire apartment



every second


a rough time



a dream shines

on my sweater



there is something

I cannot


in the right language

in Taipei in Montreal

in Mexico

the world folds in half

like a sheet of paper






one day

in a whale suit

I will

detain the


the plankton

in lingerie

tons of miracles

of hours wasted

that tarnished me



in da club

in the girls’ bathroom

they vomit

they were told to flee

but instead of legs

mermaids have tails

their lives here

is not worth much

their love costs

the taxi ride



my conversation

stands still

our words bear

on the crutches

of the party



you can

skip this ad

in five seconds



the toothless guy: concierge

the girl in heels: barmaid

the bird: parrot



party like it’s your birthday

all the time

and too fast

my stairs

you’ve climbed them

and whiskey

tumbles down

I can no longer

walk straight

as so many

are climbing in



a day in the life of a bartender

I cut a lime

I think of you

I cut a lemon

I think of you

I think of you

I cut my finger



you want me

to worship your penis

worship a God

of a few centimeters



I want to write about my grandmother

my poems

are about guys



we will never meet again

but we meet again anyway




I feel like a house

the front door is smashed



a dirty girl you say

it wasn’t difficult

I’m an easy woman

easy to crumple

as tissue paper

easy to wrap



I did not answer

you told me to take care

and I have no trouble

zipping my coat



I love you girls

I love you

I love





I’m so happy

tonight I am loving you

with cheap

white wine



my love doesn’t know where to sit

and when the sun


it doesn’t know what to say



tea time

I pamper

my remains

because yesterday

after my lasagna

I went




youtube the lyrics

I would have like

to be written for me

youtube a love

who takes me

by the hand


that takes its time



but it takes me

by the skirt

so I google maps

the party


Shepherd’s pie




maple syrup

name dropping


today my shaved pussy

at Montreal-Trudeau

should I buy you a balloon?


home sweet homme

your neck feels like the cabin

I built for you

in my stomach


what’s happening

at the thrift store

I caress children’s clothing

the outline of a baby


eskimo kisses

scratch me

I am 24 years old in every face



a drop of water

from the leaky tap

fills the silence

with even more silence


party time!

everyone’s having fun

I’m in the fiesta

like a balloon

without helium



quiet Sunday

googling my diseases

it’s platinum

it’s gold

it’s Valentine’s Day

my one-night stand

bling bling



it’s cold

fruits are making wish

in their seed

stupid little morning

my window is a garden of frost

and my room

an igloo


on the orange line

at the intermarché

in line- eight items

and less

I’m holding us

at arm’s length

if you recognize yourself

do you remember

and too often

I do

it’s okay

it’s just my meadows

they fell

off their case

and it takes


to straighten

my grass


thirty minutes

and I’m a queen

but nothing changes

and it lasts

thirty minutes

I pick my love

with a pritt glue


hands in my panties

picture our wedding

for two hours straight

Woody Allen

tell me a joke

the house I had in the belly


rebuilds itself


each month

picks its foundations


in my stomach that won’t

move on

there is something

I cannot


frozen in the eternal return

of I do not know what

menstruating in the mirror

when will I be

the woman

that blood

screams everywhere.