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This work comes from the collection Sugarblood, which was shortlisted for The Metatron Prize for Rising Authors. You can order the published collection here.


catcall my actual cat— whistle at my senior thesis— make kissy noises at the sun peeking through the clouds— catcall my toenail with the blood blister under it— holler at my sagging serotonin— catcall the earth’s life-supporting position in the solar system— whistle at my dutiful recycling— holler at a hologram— catcall my injection scars— catcall my scoliosis— make kissy noises at the street rats— whistle at my tax return— holler at the green party— holler at the wage gap— whistle at babies who laugh when you whistle at them— whistle with an actual whistle— holler at vaginal dryness— catcall my pain tolerance— catcall my fear of strangers in bars— holler at the bouncer who threw out my attacker— make kissy noises at the zodiac— whistle at jupiter’s thick thighs— holler at my cryptic emails— catcall my careerism— catcall my gender normativity— whistle at my cognitive behavioral therapy— catcall the netflix category “dark tearjerkers featuring a strong female lead”— make kissy noises at hermit crabs— whistle at my broken French— make kissy noises at my cover photo— catcall my pap smear—catcall my closed mouth