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[DOORWAYS] ❋ Gabrielle Lessans

of   hallucinogens                                                               of          amphetamines

  of           perceptual          traps of purity                                   of lysergic

conversations    with deities    of     l u m i n o u s   visitations in your    sleep

yoga of sanity of sanctity     satanic infield visions on      the      race       track

cradling         your head       in my hands: a velvet oasis of

mind       & its humidity                               of festival                           & of

ceremony           of        driving through the cold             rain &       snow of ice

of forest fires    of             places to return to & return to

where words      c a s c a d e    like   pickles & pretzels & dildos &       demons

& cymbops       where  dreams  portray  crickets  &  rodents  &  rolling paper

birds       of tarot cards flying through the air again                     of panther as

empress             & my cat           her apprentice                      of forgetting

how to follow   how to fall       of down a portal                 to the drumming of

a generator             ancient heartbeat       of sea sounds made       by           the

highway                   & a zipping by of planes                     o           the             sky

surrounding womb in certain riffs                                           of traceable

lineage                         of homesick tropes of songs             I                    learned

through my organs                         how to hold          a             drop       of

lightening             like a       cobweb             among tired blades       of

grass &                               bits                         of                             dew