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the land where we stand
is the skin of a peach

and the galaxy
is a pancake

the milky way
is the original clock

the body is
filled with bliss

they want us
to be juicy

we want to
stay juicy for love

we are in the belly
of the beast

and there is so
much to know


find your organs
with your breath

breathe into your hair
like a gorgeous flower blossom

yellow flowers

the body is
filled with bliss

the body
has two sides

there’s a gossamer
web between

there’s a light show

the body is
filled with bliss


pull 27,000 rays
of light into your body

the top of the head
is a thousand petal lotus

the stomach is
grand central station

there’s a coral reef
in your small intestine

in your small intestine
there’s a beautiful soup

inside the lungs
looks like grapes

we’re so
gonna have grapes


lungs is
the harvest season

it’s oregano,

basil, they look
to the west

the kidneys
look to the north

their colour
is blue

blue affecting
the heart

this whole thing
is red

the body is
filled with bliss

the liver
in the spring

the jade stab
of the master

they all think
they’re dying

this is what the
mugwort is for


where you feel the pain
is not where the problem is

it’s dark
back there

quite often
and regularly

thinking in circles

we’re dogs
it’s a miracle we can talk


made manifest

manifest as blood

ever since you
went to africa

all i can think
of is you

the body is
filled with bliss

as i drink
my beer


the nazis have come
to the united states

and they’re hitlering

the organelles
like factory machines

they’re gonna
have sores

all the way down
their guts

the heart is suffering
it’s all glumped up

you can never
guess if it’s going

to go red or
to go pale

black is

that person
is cold inside

thick crud
weak heart

if they’re cold we
can give them ginger

honey is the
ancient cure

they need

lungs flower
in the nose

illness has no
arms and legs

so the heart can be peaceful
so the brain can be nourished


is easy

just take a breath
and pull up your butt

everyone needs vitamin
d? no, bozo,

if the shit is falling
just move

if you throw up
then you’ll feel better

between the pee and the poo
is a trap door

the body is
filled with bliss


no you cannot
rub me

how about

how about
not even

she was
doe deep

you go

they used to call me
the mud virgin of black rock

i live
on skittles


the liver
blossoms in the eyes

the lungs
blossom in the nose

the heart
blossoms in the tongue

the kidneys
blossom in the ears

the spleen
blossoms in the lips

the body is
filled with bliss