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I’M SEEING SOMEONE ❋ Rollie Pemberton

They’re throwing shade again on St-Viateur
Reading people as they walk by
They read people about as much as I see them
And I’m often seeing someone

I haven’t seen her much lately
But that’s the only way to describe what we’re doing
“Seeing each other”
It’s a very contemporary way to date
Soon to become as quaint as necking or corsages

I don’t want to text and tip the balance
Change the score of Who Likes Whom More points
By creating a chance for her to return a shorter reply
So I have no idea what she’s up to
But I’m pretending not to care so hard
That I actually don’t really care now

These things must be worn loosely on purpose
Like the fit of a housecoat
But never getting too comfortable
Never sleeping over too many times
Keep your compassion tempered

When you’re seeing someone
Things must be kept like your hangover
Obfuscation is key, protection is paramount Both parties can be attended to
And nobody has to get hurt

You can see them on weekdays
But not on Sunday or Wednesday
Those are relationship days
Chock full of dating activities like movies, ice cream, blankets and sober sex
Not for the fast and loose game of seeing someone

It isn’t hard to see the benefits
Of this non-traditional arrangement
You can do whatever you want
And there’s no one to report to
Because when you’re seeing someone, disillusion is preferred

You need not be forthright with the person you’re seeing
I mean, it would be nice to be
But there is no obligation
And you can get into other things

It’s so great that you don’t even have to say goodbye
These new relationships self-destruct
You don’t even have to press the button
You could get run over by one of those Madvac garbage machines tomorrow and the person you were seeing would be like “whatever happened to that guy with the hair?” two years later

And then you’d be back on the ave again
Watching those people throw shade on a sunny day
And wonder how they can read
Without seeing anyone