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KILL YR IDOLS ❋ Paul Clark

this guy just brought up the fact that twitter went public on the same day as the great october revolution
his expertise goes “way beyond hip hop,” which seems like a fucked up thing to say
there is an image of a banner that reads WE ARE THE CRISIS projected on a giant wall in a building that was designed by a brilliant architect
tonight’s talk is not going to be nuanced or sophisticated
belief=value=more belief=more value=money=more money=exploitation of me, you, all our friends, & several billion strangers
including some girl on the internet who started flirting w/ me, said she’s a witch, likes to make elixirs, says xo, she’s sexy, says i’m handsome
she texted me, “my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard” & i texted “yr milkshake brings all the workers to the factory” which is a pretty fuckin funny marxist joke imho
what’s remarkable about insurrections is the fact that they exhibit a pattern of behavior whose origins go back hundreds of years
he had an anecdote abt a friend in egypt who found her own police records, burned them & all the other records, pieces of paper that were used specifically to abduct & torture people
THE WAY THINGS ARE is a bad man whose mantra is “there is no alternative” & insists that capitalism is fine
capitalism has only been around for 2 centuries & has only endured 4 crises
capitalism is an endless failure for the individuals that are subject to it
in the transition from capitalism to non-capitalism, cars are gonna burn
there have been many revolutions that have done nothing to undo capitalism
the things that could undo capitalism don’t necessarily undo capitalism because capitalism destroys a bunch of shit
this poem says capitalism more than any other poem