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MOM LOOK ❋ Rin Johnson

You know, I don’t like it there. I mean I’m a dog person but they have all those wild black dogs and I walk around there and I can’t stop thinking, where’s the master?

Mom Look,
Nobody sleeps better than white people.

They cuff us to hospital beds and then go home and sleep.

Anything can be a hospital bed, mom.

Fuck us is what they’re saying, mom.

I’ll cuss if I want to, mom.

It doesn’t matter how many women raise their hands at a funeral – the clouds are getting thick here – I’m just a black man, mom.

You used to rub my back so I could go to sleep but you’re too tall for me to rub yours.

Remember that story you told me mom, after you said all women wear false beards and all penises are actually vaginas and vice versa:

The gist of it went:

We had our fire.
We burned everything.
We listened for the ocean.
We covered ourselves in sand.
We feared the coming tide.
We made fire by rubbing two sticks together
We did not have diabetes
We did not know that sugar made us week.
We wore our hair natural
And we followed the smell of the flames.

One time after you finished the story you said see this story is about how abstract art was inevitable.
It’s always better to see all the sides at once.