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MORNING RITE ❋ Nooks Krannie

the backbone of my existence is a warm shower
there’s a magnet holding a red apron
made of serious wood and feathers

on the refrigerator against my cold chest

a warm shower is something i aspire to be
the blue waves of soap are extra luxurious

i got them from LUSH so i know brands are a
standard for acceptable human relationships
do you want to succeed like coconut milk?

it’s important to mix ethnicity with tea bags
and swallow it warm so throat can
experience severe regret

you’re a part of 1st world society now you’re

wasting warmth on skin where a tongue
is a stand-in for every bad situation

hold my shirt while i shave my knees

i got two bottles of 50 SPF sunscreen for
the price of one the best case scenario

is dying while this is still
the best deal on offer.