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NATURALEZA MUERTA ❋ Sarah Vandervennet

Atop the Torre Latino Americano
I see all of Mexico City
and its refusal to curb
even as the foothills steepen
into a barricade
of volcanoes.

I feel far away
like a planet
but with less precision.

With certain things
like cities
just knowing they exist
is enough.

In some ways
a stick figure
is the most realistic

I tell my portrait:
you’re not casting a shadow,
you’re in the way.

erratic orbiter,
quit chewing
your own tail.

I feel flammable
the way a wick feels
when the flame finally rears
to engulf it.

I want to be the kind of person
who is vulnerable
when it’s honest.

I want to
chew your tail I want
to know you exist

I want you to know
the most you’ll ever hope
to tear me
is perforation.