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NOT SO FLEXI ❋ Nicolas Tirakis

getting used to living
& shopping
at eden most of the time

free friday w whoever

waggy-waggity doggy
tail and brown fur
all over my face

its early, the view
from my window doesnt
look like a vaporwave
city anymore

im rinsing off the
previous coffee from
my french press
and i feel like invisible bugs
are crawling on my

or fast miniature
bug sized cars are driving
on me around my neck around
my ear and on my skin
& stuff

everything tickles

its the big bad buzz

i luv everyone in my
art class

now more than ever

theyre having so much fun

at one point we all
get quiet and dont say
a word so we can focus
on our little projects

and you can always here more
than 1 person breathing
thru their mouth
pretty loud cause of the
weird toxic art smell in the room
that really gets to us after
a while

but thats why i love em

i love hearing em breath like
that cause ive known them
for more than a month