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First, Let me put my face in the palm of your hand.
It’ll fit.
Thank you.

I spent some summers there.
They cross pollinate.
They’re cat herders.
They are patient and smell like trees.
The women are allowed to leave their husband or
take another husband.
(There must be too many men or
too few.)

Put your lip here.
It won’t get stuck.

They have gun control
And birth control
And when I’m with them, my asthma is under control.
All the food is organic.
nothing contains nuts.

I’m serious.

They pay you to have children,
and They believe in ghosts.
Everything is clean because
They made jobs where people are paid to clean.
Nobody fights (without consent).
They even heard my complaint about the street lamps making it hard to kiss at night.
They dimmed them and right before let me cut a ribbon.
My picture was in the paper.
(They like to cut ribbons.)

Please leave your hand there.
It is nice to be held.

I made a friend and he told me:
They believe that tall men with big eyes are beautiful men.
They stand on their tiptoes and
They look them in the eyes and that’s how
They make love.