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ON THE DREAM SIDE ❋ Sean Nicholas Savage

dreamt there was some threat
of a large bomb gonna be dropped
didn’t quite know when or where
or what to do
but it might be soon
could be that night
and people were taking cover

i called my mom
then i found molly after awhile
and i felt like it might be ok to die
i guess that was the best place i could be
with her
we questioned the threat
that it might be sum propaganda
but the source was widespread
and believable
and there had been wars on
too long already

so there was this camp
and spiritual political shows happening there
pro amphetamine
at one point
i was drinking beer cans
with friends on the street
two cops nearby
they eventually came over
warned us this was against the law
to drink publicly in this place
but one of the cops was saying how he had just
finished a few of those beer himself
everyone was celebrating
then he related with someone else
on another small crime

this was a little too much
brotherhood for the other cop
his apparent superior
who then reprimanded him in front of us
shaming him for coming down to our level
and that was awkward
but made me smile and sum others chuckle

i had a show at the camp
but it was all so late coming together
even tho it was supposed to be a good one
i got there
brian wells was hosting
he said it was too late to play now
and i guess i didn’t mind
chris was there, listening to speeches
then i went to this family reunion
in a restaurant
on the top floor of the ‘hotel heaven’
super high and bright place
on my way up
when i got out of the elevator
i found grampa krausert
on the steps leading into the restaurant
looking shabby, thinner, confused
he had a little dog with him
he was mumbling to himself
in a high childish voice
that he didn’t know how
he was going to get back down

i wasn’t sure if i was seeing a ghost
or if there had been some sort of
family conspiracy
and that he was still alive
he looked harmless
and it was nice to see him again

i went back to the party at the camp
and had a dinner outside
with dylan and friends
at a big long table outside
calvin was there
i took a pair of scissors
and thought of a joke
i said “hey, you guys wanna hear a joke?”
i held up the scissors
“this is johnny,
one night, johnny looked in the mirror
and said to himself;
“i’m not johnny, i’m a pair of scissors”
then he went downstairs
and cut his family up!”

everybody died laughing
on the dream side, wit and humour are all about flavour volume
the predictable violence was my punchline
a kind of dream world pun or rhyme

at one point later on
dylan and i snuck into a fashion show
just to get some snacks n booze backstage
dressed in all black and turtle necks
nobody knew we weren’t models in the show
we even walked the catwalk
then i think the designer noticed us
just as we were walking out
he smiled, impressed by our swindle
and there was a great applause for us as we stepped outside
for pulling that off