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OPEN//CLOSE ❋ katherine anne

here is half of me
sit with her for a moment
see if she is someone you could love
i cut you in two the moment i met you.
no one ever knows everything about a person.

love is
how two people can be two people
but then at a certain point
share a space
where they exist
it sounds so simple until
i’m hogging all of the bed sheets
and you’re drinking the last of the juice
and we’re arguing over nothing
and can’t remember
the last time we laughed.

i wanna see the way you do
so i try on your glasses
i wanna love the way you do
so i try to open up
and tell you that i love you
but my voice breaks
and i tell you that i like your shirt instead
and we keep walking.

if i let you in
you will wear me out
i grew tired of love once
i sat down and was bleeding
light headed
lacked focus
blood all over
my white clothes
i tried to wash it away
but they are forever a light pink
and now i only wear black.