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OMEGA | a.m. kozak
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a.m. kozak

21 Nov a.m. kozak




katie brings a pot of tea & lingers for a moment b/t
serving (it’s the evening) & points out a couple at a
side table who argue inaudibly. we love when
convenient & package our partners as accessories in
otherwise independent lives, she pours a cup. hm. i
read an article (i say) about the divorce epidemic in
our 20s & how in increasingly complex interactions w
the same social pressures to stay together
unconditionally amidst power imbalances &
emotional manipulation no one can hear outside the
pair (everything is always inaudible) we lose
ourselves in the expectation for how to date decades
before our parents copulate. i just want
to be touched katie tells me, or so i hear, or what she really says is
she wants to know what they say & i’m curious too
but instead we argue about who’s the most hipster &
where we’ll hike in february & how many articles of
clothing we can roll into one backpack & the days
continue to blotch like a stain leaks over paper,
uncontained till the moisture dries.







she tries to talk to me in memes but i dno what that
means. just left campus so i’m gonna be late. i say to
corey & mariah i never notice the sky (we shift our
bums closer it’s cold outside) cept when i sit here &
reflect on our interstressors & all they imply. we rank
our complaints then fade them to music as we get
high. mariah tells me to write a poem so i tell her to
make a play, & we both do, in our own way.







i need to get outta the house, dana txts me, so i walk
to hintonburg & wait for her while i stop for lunch &
drink another coffee. i give it time but she never
comes to meet me, it was always cuz when i went to
leave the house would shrink & squeeze me in so
many blankets i couldn’t tie my shoes, & besides i was
scared—she’d tell me days later. sometimes we let ppl
act like giants to curate our skies & forget that we’re
tall, too, as mirrors crack in new places one event at a
time. i don’t know what to tell dana so i tell her to txt
me, & the next time she does it’s from t’ronno & i’m
sad we can’t go to the pot store on preston cuz it was
raided last week. i know this way dana is safe smwh
eventually she’ll bring me curry cuz i don’t eat
healthy & i’ll say thanks momma bear i can’t bear to
see you so scared i don’t care who you date so long as
you’re safe, ideally near me we can daydream our
commune i’ll even concede it can be out east so long as
you’re safe i’m willing to wait.




a.m. kozak is a community organizer, guerilla researcher, multi-disciplinary artist & editor of 30 under 30: an anthology of Canadian millennial poets (In/Words, 2017). Currently living in Ottawa, recent poems appear in Arc, Matrix & Grain magazines.

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