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Our ‘For a Poet’ limited edition shirts have arrived! We will begin shipping TOMORROW! We printed a few additional…
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OMEGA | Christian Brun Del Re
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Christian Brun Del Re

21 Oct Christian Brun Del Re



a thousand possibilities

when you toss me
your body a canvas
for (me) (you)
to dig (paint)
(you said)

armpits dispensing the goods
badge of your trials
& salty snacks
the chips
on my shoulders

the furthest ultimate
seven seas on the same train
the nether reaches i track
in your

my eyes drank you
your shadow
& whispers
pretend to throw
themselves loudly
from the window
my mouth say

“I LOVE U!!.. …
…oh hmmm
i mean i feel a lot of love towards you”

“would you rather never talk again or never feel touch?”
you asked.

tinkerbells (yr hands)
carving the pasty ice
à la Tchaikovsky, back there
i’m all mMMMmmmm’s of approval
for touch

t’as raison
n’importe quand
je donne ma langue au chat
si en échange y me fait du pain

i smokdtchu
you smokdme dat night
cigar chomping minora
chewed up chwing gum
around the world 80 times
yoyo crossing yr hills yr valleys
(dirty dangle)

& then
…. .. the first kiss








forgetting colours

forgetting the moon
forgetting colin stetson

forgetting everything

forgetting i am
forgetting i am this person forgetting
when you toss me
your body





alive – falling

collecting lovers

my picassoed-easter-eggs

with a lofty egg carton – fostering infinite decks

like summer time big blu (house) patio

a pop-up picture book

or a fat box of cigarettes

you gave us a dream to chew
you the stranger i kissed in the hammock

salad-the red carpets – premiering the dawn of new

you approaching from the moon with a way-too-long-of-a-joint

me “awhhhh i can’t say no to you” & those eyes of yours

that announced me the end of a twenty-three-year-long-solar-eclipse

& me-grass locked mixing my hair (uni-lock) with the wet beard of

nova scotia

my body
nappy – flacid

cylindrical cooked spaghetti

meat balls

as you scruffled off

home ward / purple-van-ward bound

through the dim lighted beats

of the greatfully dedicated sound system

i said @ you….”one day

i will find you

& i will make love to you”
i did find you one day – a month later – 8 provinces away

& i, — fully fulfilled then by the PHALLUS of SELF

head first uncircumcised — naïve

I, phallic-I! solo traveling – exploring – conquering bridges

& sunset boulevard & the red wood forest

FUCKING THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

with virgin road-eyes

& the california piers
i satisfied – had an eye for you

& after a hug

the tank filled


its not coitus your hunting always

the hunger of coitus – actually the thirst of touch

simple touch

not much


we, coast-to-coast kings

chomping celebratory hookah
victory of our pocketed turf & friends

settlement on the heavenly shores

of the undying lands

living the love
dreamt by a billion souls

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striving to rival shakira’s hips in radical honesty christian the mammal – likes to spend his time above the arctic tree line eat sugar, tell stories & practice euphoric dance in remote locations. he expresses @

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