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Our ‘For a Poet’ limited edition shirts have arrived! We will begin shipping TOMORROW! We printed a few additional…
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OMEGA | Jenna-Katheryn Heinemann
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Jenna-Katheryn Heinemann

29 Oct Jenna-Katheryn Heinemann



resting my toes near your feet
this is what I am drawn to

on your mattress I absorb your body by bending differently
towards you, smelling like air
towards water

outside of this room
looks like you have
pressed refresh on a web page
like hundreds of fresh vines in morning light

I woke up to an entirely new city
and rendered each impression I had
of every person thinking that they could each belong to me

the pull you feel in your chest, where does it come from?

I have found myself wanting intensity so I’ve created structure

are things feeling okay?
I’m not sure
maybe right now they could be okay

it’s convenient to stare at a blank ceiling while my room looks like glowing amber
I’m getting better at using my body to guide my relationship with time
my watch has finally fallen apart; a new way of moving
through this city, with this body





my appetite is suppressed by my distraction


everything keeps shaking and then staying very still


I accumulate hobbies and hours of sleep so I can avoid the future

I forgive you for forgetting about me


someone asked you about friendship and your iphone was the only image that you mentioned


drowning my infatuation for closeness by collecting books

or anything small and green structures bending towards the light


I pretend I am the light source





(irresolvable, internal, contradiction)



Is your memory fastened within you with a soft substance?


Will you allow yourself to archive the deteriorating green of this building?


Have you polarized yourself from the perception of yourself that others know you as?


Are you doucing moments in my name, climbing stairs to transcend this around, visiting libraries

to absorb the lives of others through film?





what I am familiar with: the sound of saliva moving through my mouth

it anchors me to your warm arm

sitting parallel to mine

I want to hear all the fluids moving in our bodies at this moment

what I know sometimes feels contained

in this container it expands

like a soft marshmallow–like a dream

about kissing

& light, & ambition

touching vulnerability leaves me porous like a sieve




Jenna-Katheryn Heinemann currently resides in Montreal, Quebec. She has a self published chapbook, Please Touch Gently as well as work that has been featured in: Occult Geometry, Leste Magazine, and As.iZ Magazine.

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