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OMEGA | Joseph Parker Okay
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Joseph Parker Okay

05 Sep Joseph Parker Okay



someone from tinder cancels our plans but i still go out to dinner

they subtweet about another guy and i accidentally spill water in my lap

all i do is look down and say it’s fine it’s fine

they don’t belong in the same poem as my dad’s obituary so i’ll save it for another time

it’s fine it’s fine

my mother’s boyfriend’s name is doug and i’ve only met him once

coffee makes my brain feel the same way i think weed would if weed were an amphetamine

my sister’s fiancé plays linkin park as we eat ice cream cake

my aunt says the american flag is beautiful followed by something transphobic

i’m glad i never have to talk to her again

tonight is the seventh saturday night in a row i’ve spent at the gym alone

it’s fine it’s fine



Joseph Parker Okay lives in Tucson with his best friend/cat. He’s a co-founder and editor of Spy Kids Review and 2Fast2House. He tweets @verysoftlake.

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