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OMEGA | Julie Mannell
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Julie Mannell

10 Nov Julie Mannell


Drink Mother Fucker, drink drink drink,
you sang to shots locked in her gut.
Press the nut button, cheap meme boy.
Talk cock, pour shock top good luck charms

into your frat gob at frat farm.
Drink Mother Fucker, drink drink drink.
Time is a noun when you’re younger;
you are always young when guilty.

Nouns can be votes. Verbs, an excuse
for unseeing the seen. Witness:
Drink Mother Fucker, drink drink drink.
False fad gods make crooked coaches.

Jacked facts for fucked President fix
frosh nightmares for non-You U.S.
Sick dreams unless it’s your shot, bro.
Drink Mother Fucker, drink drink drink.



Julie Mannell is a writer of poetry, fiction, and essays. She is the recipient of the HarperCollins/Constance Rooke Scholarship, the Mona Adilman Poetry Prize, and the Lionel Shapiro Award for Excellency in Creative Writing. Her work has been featured in the National Post, the Toronto Star, and Joyland amongst others.

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