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OMEGA | Sarah Vandervennet
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Sarah Vandervennet

26 Sep Sarah Vandervennet


one place I’ve never been
and want to go to
is a quarry
a quarry
where we mine
for coral
corals are mostly
living in water
while we are
mostly water
living in bones
we get along better
with driftwood
for obvious reasons
I’m tired
of explaining things
that don’t need
to be explained
like our bodies’
natural detection
of contrasts
the oceans
around here
are made of landfills
hence the exasperation
of marine biologists
research is usually
especially in the case
of quantum mechanics
people are all connected
we just have to figure out
which electrons
are doing the talking
the reason tortoises
live forever
is because they don’t know
they want to die
I defenestrate
my gaze
for a second
before deciding
it’s not worth it
I don’t know
what a polka
sounds like
but I bet
you could use one
as an umbrella
like how umbrellas
can be used
for jumping out windows
a parachute
is one way to escape
is to appease
societal expectations



Atop the Torre Latino Americano
I see all of Mexico City
and its refusal to curb
even as the foothills steepen
into a barricade
of volcanoes.

I feel far away
like a planet
but with less precision.

With certain things
like cities
just knowing they exist
is enough.

In some ways
a stick figure
is the most realistic

I tell my portrait:
you’re not casting a shadow,
you’re in the way.

erratic orbiter,
quit chewing
your own tail.

I feel flammable
the way a wick feels
when the flame finally rears
to engulf it.

I want to be the kind of person
who is vulnerable
when it’s honest.

I want to
chew your tail I want
to know you exist

I want you to know
the most you’ll ever hope
to tear me
is perforation.



even alone
I curl my breath
sideways staring
at the surgical hands
of the tree limbs
in the wind
I didn’t even notice
my body open
so I can’t tell
what’s been removed
a comical blondeness
breezes into my face
it reminds me
of one night in Oaxaca
I want to fuck
without kissing
I want to be the sky
of a whole country
everybody remembers skies
but nobody can claim
to know them
men on the internet
buy my dirty underwear
for fifty dollars
they all ask for
something different but
we all want
the same thing


Sarah Vandervennet received her MFA in Poetry from The New School. She currently writes and bartends in Brooklyn. Her work has been featured in Phantom, Potluck Magazine, Stoneboat Journal, Electric Cereal, and elsewhere.

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