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OMEGA | Zen Shwery
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Zen Shwery

27 Feb Zen Shwery




In the sun            it floats

Doodling on the museum ticket

A hot cocoa & a medium cappuccino

Hooked on a feeling

Cold dry patches of grassy earth

OOGA-CHAGA Sami departs tonight

Heat in autumn is a blessing

Single drifting is not like couple’s drifting

Urban pace is slower in the park

Shades cover shy eyes

The bare tree stands proud       (on paper as is out there yonder)

We ponder

A white line divides sky

One portion blue the other lighter

The rolling paper burns

A harmony of fume and sun splendid

Hands get busy with ink & lead

As if to no surprise they spread

Images ephemeral waning rhizomes

A black dog           a cyclist       a baby in a carriage                  a veiled mother

The hill breathes like us

Yellow is only temporary

Free air for everyone

A street lamp                  a skinny tree                  an odd face           a crystal contraption

Tattoos with words jumble

Between the blades of pages

& the friendly silence




Conversation essential contact
A game to play without competition
An energy shared lacking facebooking & instagramming
A breath of fresh air outside image:
Illusion a control to empty inside

Light in your mind heavy on your feet
Unlearning is intensely challenging
A past questioned a present uncertain
Labor for change hope for the best
Clichés that might just work the outcome awaits

A couple’s peripatetic meandering
Crosses the boundaries of misconception
Through passing vehement shadows crashing
Like tropical waves in an ocean of useless

We try to make sense out of the no pretense
While splashing out the slush of life
Into the streets of choices and chance
Uncomfortable enough to recharge
The heavy mind with light feet




Zen Shwery is a PhD candidate in English Studies.
He is a part time instructor at UdeM who gives lectures in 20th century Literature and Poetry Theory.
His living muses are the city, the sea, and the void.

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