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PROBLEMATIC ❋ Lydia Hounat

a frustration, I whip my hummus The negatives
drying on a piece of washing line I tied across
my bedroom Your photo cavalier kid who thinks
he’s already famous soaked Self-adoration
another play on words Another Facebook comment
another untagged photo your London smirk
mutates ugly in my breaths Daisies stink and your
top is stupid Overrated and a cigarette burn on my leg
you think it might be me; Problematic; Unconcerned
the aching truth lining my gums Speaks this: how
on Earth might I possibly love you? This photo
of your smoking pussy drying back to Crinkled-flesh
would sooner not develop in god’s Palms. I whip
my Lunch back to liquid luxury and I have Red pepper
in my teeth and so I have You in my wake and in my
Aftertaste, south side fear; merely a frustration.