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Brielle Brilliant

23 Dec Brielle Brilliant


II. vinny chooses his outfit
II. see how it works on you?
II. you know with our dna
II. do you notice the animal

end of harmony.

III. i used to go like, everyday
III. get a milkshake and a coffee
III. there’s a lot of safety in thinking
III. you go to dark places

end of 1986.

IIIIIII. we’re the only people left in the united states
IIIIIII. speed up that southern drawl and you will go
IIIIIII. the elongation of the way you talk you will go
IIIIIII. farther interior where the accent gets richer

end of mother.

IIIIIIIIIIII. fee fi fo fum punching bag you’re dumb
IIIIIIIIIIII. you can’t fake a thought you just can’t
IIIIIIIIIIII. bakunin did that once he’s a fascist
IIIIIIIIIIII. fee fi fo fum fee fi fo fum fee fi

end of punching.
end of punching.

then candles



met vinny on the slide and we went to his dad’s pizzeria. his dad asked him why are you wearing that shirt it is so dirty and he said he found it on the stairs.

harmony drew a fox brain on the television and it looked like the thing in my notebook. he smoked a lot and that was bad but he tap danced and that was good. he liked to get beat up.

dna is deoxyribonucleic acid, and it’s like an instruction manual for the body, mr natalie said in fourth grade after introducing us to his wife.

my rabbit ran away because i forgot to feed it but we kept it in a cage outside and i thought it’d be dead if i came out to play with it so i didn’t. puddy was his name.

i used to go to the diner and get a milkshake with my friend who got cinammin toast crunch. the waitor called us beldar and prymaat cause we asked him to. my friend thought she was a loser, so she killed herself, but i told her you don’t have to believe yr thoughts.

in 1986 a very beautiful movie came out and i wasn’t born yet. in 1991 another very beautiful movie came out and i was born, so i watched them and put them in my deoxyribonucleic acid, next to beldar and prymaat and puddy the rabbit.

the french indian war began because of disputes in the accents. cause british people are like that, my dad says. i have a thick accent on the chairlift. not subtle.

i keep asking people to punch me cause i’m in a bad place right now, harmony says. but he asked people to punch him too, to get all the demographics and drag his legs while david sleep walked. so did richard when he was twenty he put his hands on the stove to touch on the camera said wow wat does that feel. also beldar pushed himself down the stairs and gildie went against the wall also vinny bashed his head against the slide and it gave him stitches.

a bit.


Brielle Brilliant is a writer, filmmaker, and public investigator. She lives in Chicago, IL.

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