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PYTHONESS ❋ Maija Ekey

This work comes from the collection Pythoness, which was shortlisted for The Metatron Prize for Rising Authors.



totality &nd movement
& n d the law of one
b l i ss ful sur ren d er
audible befr it is visible


in an old victorian house that i think belongs
to the parents of someone i am dating
i go up the stairs and there is a shallow tub
of liquid that you apply to body parts
&nd it tells you if energy is flowing based
on the color that comes up when it is applied


i dip one arm in and it is teal one arm is rose
most of my chest and torso are rose and so
are arms & legs save one muddy thigh


my boyfriend comes in as i am trying to
document the results looking in a mirror
thinking how good my body looks
he says we should photograph it and his
parents agree we are late to something but
everyone seems to think this is more


collect evidence &nd continue
moving up the vibrational scale
broadcast what you want
t u n e to th c h a n n e l
live in the vibration of wonder


every time i am there someone feels like you as if to signify i am in the right place and you are
always around light in the closet just went off but there is no light in the closet



the men of this wrld will have you believe they contain guilt what we have been shown but
tend to forget is that this guilt is a carefully constructd mechanism a microprocessor emitting
nightshade that appeals to a general audience a way to flip it on its side and show yu yr
reflectun as a lesser of two evils now there are orchids blooming thru the cracks onc a yr &
we are left to sit alone in front of our tv that is turned off and wndr i have alwys cringed
at the violence the incst the objcts floatng in and out of my periphery searching regardless fr
the stuff i believed i would find aftr all

but all i did ws endure


i watchd the men around me emit terrifyng noises at a crsh on the screen and fell into
myself wunderng why i could not produce such a pwrfl noise
what would become of me if i failed


falling into a figure8 and drifting away on cnyn rvr rpds

round and round agn          i am called many things

by many ppul         i learnd to paint my face to

cntrl the noise         then calculatd the time spnt &nd

fell into a sorrw of a half century         rising as a ghost

an anonymous author whose preservation i fought for as

a senile librarian in 1931


we spend so much reflctng on time spent undr th thumb

we forgt we forged lives after th sky broke &nd

we allowd the light to come rushing in formng

frctals at every surface repeating the process

allowing awe to be the only f ling


i transfrmd myself into a pastel object causing polarized emotions for specific purpos

not every life is the one i tell myself


sitting on a bench in central park

things here exist regardless of time

​​​​​​​ i have submitted to the city

​​​​​​​ i will be here after th fall &nd before th gr8 war


​​​​​​​ sometimes i remember to be somewhere when i am supposd to be

​​​​​​​ of course it doesn t always work out &nd then i wondr more



caroline is picking flowers &nd tying them into knots

i put them around her head &nd we spin around till we fall

she is a mom in another story she says she has learned so much

if it allows for reflection it is enough


​​​​​​​ where yu want to be is

​​​​​​​ unfoldng in everyone els

​​​​​​​ f o r g e &nd let it fall


i set thm off &nd we watch a str shw rflctd in th sky

mist i n t e r m i n g l e s &nd th spots convulse

all there is to do now is lie down