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A call to weaponize instant rice because Disneyworld
is all face: days come like error
in the natural gas equation. Days come
electrocuted once full
of first ladies’ biographies.
Days come in the Uber of the equinox.

Facsimiles of loss drip-drowning a Magic
Eraser. A broom-topped dew drop
of forgotten naw-
ledge of legible edges. The Oracle keeps speaking
the same three advertisements for crude
liquid handsoap. Dopamine treaties I will not
move until these two licks of board
crotch-rock for eternity into my aching
Saturday just started to come
like before now we’ve been calling
the wrong name.

A clear broth quarantine will stay
a coddled lot of coral reef with stained teeth
our big glands gladhandling all-bran
a baby ten grand vamping
this land is (not) your land.

A machine for tracking catastrophe by
polling man-made lakes:
outdoor fixtures called willow trees
would-be flexible pouches for feeling things
nearly aluminum in their
crushable heat
sweettalk right-click leaves
microwaveable pockets of dust
scrolling the branded weather &
where is the autoplay coming from
if you want it to stop the told-you-so
of stupid birds.