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S’UP, VOID? ❋ Nicolas Tirakis

while people are sober
stressed, playing
candy crush, solitaire
or watching an adam sandler
movie; i’m here with
a glass of whisky and ice filled
to the top, and i’m doing great

i’m in an airplane
i’m travelling through
time and clouds and
the rivotril is kicking in

vacationing alone
is a brew of confusion
and short term memory loss
and going to the back
to talk to the stewardesses
without realizing

this pen blew up
so i have to decide now
to go and wash
my hands and stare
at myself in the mirror
like i owe myself a lot
of money

i apologize to the two men
sitting next to me for falling
asleep and spilling
and having them
pick up my food
and empty plastic

i dream of nothing
i lose track of time
too busy wandering
around duty free cause
I care about my friends

that made me late
but i didn’t care cause
i need smokes
i need things
and i got ‘em so beats me

now i’m home
in bed
with a radio on beside me
playing just like heaven
and i try not to keep this
dream journal directly next to me
so that i don’t pressure myself

some people say
they feel like cowboys
on a journey in some desert
i feel like i’m standing
in a corner with my memories
stacked like cards in a little box
and i hand them out to people
or like i’m standing in an
oasis with one palm tree and a
tiny blue lake that
looks like it could’ve
come out of a windows
xp wallpaper