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A voice appears and asks, “Are you Spanish?”
“Are you asking about Race?” comes out of my mouth
They say “Race?” and their face looks like they just opened the fridge
grabbed a cream cheese container but found zanahorias en escabeche instead
their mouth looks like it wants to let a “What is that?” out of it
They say, “No, I mean, is Spanish your first language”
and it starts like a statement but ends like a question
When I reply I give more information than they asked for I say “Yes,
Spanish is my first language, and I am Mexican”
They say, “Oh” and stop talking.


What Does


Teaching ¡all the levels! in -any—school-
and somehow you are still Part-Time
for the convenient price of
less than one $

( what a *deal !
“so cheap” !)

Add some ~Child~Care~
make the hours go up^
make it /Full=
~afford a #masterbedroom
of your own~

become your own master &
twin whenever you glance at The Mirror


Now we are all Highly Influenced
By Memes

But when I taught College Students and the Forever Alone
Black and White doodle of a Potato Face with Aqua Tears peaked
I put it in a PowerPointPresentation
to talk about Singular and Plural and
they looked at me like I had just told them
Windows Paint had been cancelled

But now fifth graders ask me
how to say
What Are Those in Spanish

Which proves old memes
can survive