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THE FUTURE ❋ Jessica Schouela

In the future,
some foods would give you an electric shock
and this electrocution
was thought to be good for the hearts
of those who got too comfortable
on La-Z-Boy recliners.

In the future,
toys would act as extensions of children
like those Barbie mermaids
who change colour when you put them
under different temperatures of water
and would make the kid turn blue and pink
sometimes green even if there was some kind of
malfunction in the doll.

In the future,
the scientists have collected all the data,
deemed it all unharmful for the body
until it would become a carcass
decompose in a way altogether unexpected
in such a way that
it would ripen too quickly
and rot the earth even if inside a coffin
or cremated
that it was now necessary to grind
human flesh and bone in a massive blender
and feed it to the kinds of dogs
you don’t keep as pets.