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This work comes from the collection Too Big To Fail, which was shortlisted for The Metatron Prize for Rising Authors. You can order the published collection here.


I can’t tell down spruce miles from this avenue perspective
motion away from motion approaching

running versus
chasing away
someone parallel
what if I were
the fear figure contemplating
target running
Franklin Avenue locomotions: centuries shuttle watch for gold
a different set of transit constraints
the gravel and the chain gang
other people’s public traffics
how do arterials converse

I only meant to worry havoc in chain
cataloguing trusts how far reach to the things I cannot see

There trusts connect invisibles

unsealed non-

If then
Gravity may continue in properties
Whether I can see through a wall to the other end
I know the spines facing colors hard cover words

walls the size of
a bathroom contains a bedroom

a whistle alarms

replacement batteries
the whistle
then the apartment unit
complex of      candles
Next year I will
be fasted

safety precautions test a new way to toe
the edge lit in dust cover
zoom out calculating other routes

can’t withstand
a solid summer the beach is ok once you try
but I could get used to this
rye in warm roast sand in the corridor
the toast grit sunshine machined time
scene and sand in pocket
I smelled the glitter                 only in place of dog is
A Course on Miracles

The gears are producing opposing miracles

never to beach again
so many drawings skinned           the sand stranger than suits
who are these creatures beaching
another kind of cloth covering

cloud cover and shade too                  I had a genuine now
an inventing moment
home sand under a                              pocket
hand in head in

kept in the deeper far out with stranger
levers in my head in
wave temperate in
sky again in
under the pocket sky
swimming to Cambodia

these clouds in my mouth I can particular the salt chop deeper

party unit the hang tide alarmed shrill sand underfoot and the crash back
in the region devoid of guarding only urban park ranger’s
games for sun sand surf garbage
I was served board complaints I am the particle rock the irritant
sand in the scalp gendered sand when encountering rage stands by

breaking the boundary laws back on ground (I mean sand) but still
shifting in space (water)

on wood ground              more oak cups more mice
summer visitors
discrete collapsible spine         if the mouse can I want to/o
can’t I find the concrete to crevices
Really the sand couldn’t stop me the sea glass the splinter wood too
the boards fled surf and I under sky must be way out there where is
and back and form in the wave                                  machine / invisible bones
hard lines              no particle now no boards participant-time under the volcano
and a helicopter private machine and I thought this helicopter just for me this helicopter

found before registered
search light   quadruple
sunset and the sunset comparison slides in two nights
in two timeshares oldest landmark for prayer
Javits centered Marketplace for the World
eyes on the sun drop power pointed

Earlier in land marked services
there are times
when I fall
off surface tension

I stood up too early
I think me myself approaching concrete
never reaching concrete
I thought several times
(because there were times for several
thoughts) the shofar longevity the star team
dispatched to find pyrite remnants
particulared from the category sky
burden of the perimeter
g-d associations prefer another code system
hidden values alter the personified sky

represent forces
to belong
in vaguer terms

I can’t talk about what I think I know, approaching concrete, never reaching concrete

I was enamored by the avocado ice and the strange pickled
other percussives from small contained wood