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You’re a bad influence on me with the ladies
You’re a big girl & its your world
You’re a bottle nosed dolphin

you’re all deluded imbeciles who follow the word of some old peasant
you’re all fucked and overrated, i think I’m gonna be sick and its your fault
you’re all so annoying damn
you’re all ugly anyway.
you’re already forgotten.

you’re always on my mind.. why?
you’re always trying to keep it real
you’re an expert at making me feel like shit
you’re both my umbrella and the rain
you’re braver than you think you are.

you’re cool man the past couple weeks have been fun
you’re cute maybe you should push me against the wall and kiss me a lot and touch my butt some too

you’re doing the right thing lol
you’re doing this to me again.
you’re fucking hot as fuck like oh fuck
you’re gonna hear me ROAAAAAAAAAAR
you’re gonna hear me roar oh oh oh oh

you’re honestly so horrible to me why do I speak to you
you’re honestly so like huggable and perfect. like idek
you’re impossible to communicate with
you’re in a much better place though
you’re invited to watch me eat
you’re just a lil bit out of my limit

you’re just making me hate you
you’re just making the whole thing worse by ignoring me

you’re just so sweet to forget honey.

you’re killing me bit by bit inside
you’re killing me more and more every day
you’re killing me with that one look.
you’re kind of beautiful

you’re like an emotional bull in a china shop man, metaphorically knockin over vases and shit

you’re lookin’ so good in what’s left of those blue jeans
you’re making everything worse
you’re making this more and more difficult

you’re my wonderwaaallll
you’re my wonderwalllllllllll

you’re no different
you’re not a saint
you’re not what I want anymore.
you’re nothing but a myth
you’re nothing but a pretty face

you’re perfect and I envy you
you’re pissed aren’t you?
you’re probably the best creeper i know

you’re relevant to me.
you’re so alive, you can feel it
you’re so delusional I can’t stand it
you’re so fucking weird

you’re such a day maker ☺
you’re such a freak, I like it
you’re such a weirdo

you’re the life of the partyyy
you’re the reason for natural disasters
you’re the reason i’m in this world

you’re understanding.
you’re welcome for starting that .

you’re what I want but not what I need
you’re what i want