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Ali Pinkney

April 12, 2022

Join writer and poet Ali Pinkney at her kitchen table for the latest episode of Metacösm. Ali Pinkney is a literary writer based on Tkaron:to/Toronto where she is a graduate student in the Department of English in the Field of Creative Writing at the University of Toronto. She published her debut collection of poetry, Tampion, with Metatron Press in 2014. Ali holds a BA in English and Creative Writing (2017) and an MA in English Literature (2021) from Concordia University in Tiohtià:ke/Montréal. Her thesis work focused on Percy Bysshe Shelley’s idiosyncratic use of extended and accumulative similes. She sees Shelley’s operations with this poetic technique as a way of producing matrices of reciprocity that poetically engender a politics of sympathetic intimacy that values plurality and alterity over the logic of likeness and categorical subsumption. Currently, Ali works as a teaching assistant for undergraduate creative writing at the University of Toronto.