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Rollie Pemberton: Making a Scene

September 29, 2022

Join Rollie Pemberton the day after his Montreal Jazz Festival headlining show as we talk about his memoir, Bedroom Rapper, which serves not only as a personal history but also as a history of rap and documentation of creative communities in Edmonton and Montreal. We also talk about his music (Cadence Weapon), his time as the Poet Laureate of Edmonton, what it’s like to write a memoir at a young age, the difference between the practices of writing songs, and writing poems, and what it felt like to be booed by a massive audience of Rihanna fans.

Rollie Pemberton, aka Cadence Weapon, is a Canadian rapper, producer, writer, and DJ whose latest album Parallel World won the 2021 Polaris Music Prize and whose memoir Bedroom Rapper was published by Penguin Random House in 2022.