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I Am Here


60 pages
Cover design: Anjela Freyja
ISBN 9780993617423
Spring 2014

A miracle is a shift in perception.

Using both stream-of-consciousness and the confessional mode, I Am Here attempts to merge the richness of inner worlds with the poverty of the external. From auras to iPhones, what emerges in this unique collection of poetry is a perspective that is bursting with a lust for magic and an infectious, introspective curiosity.


PAPERMAG | “Your mystical aura reading on the go.”

DAZED | “Opheim writes from a distant first-person POV that floats close to personal experience before reflecting on the ‘tragedy’ that is ‘visa.com.’”

Arbitrary News and Review | “A chaotic force of nature.”

Beach Sloth | “The collection moves from real to surreal all while maintaining a strong empathetic core.”

Playground Mag | “Like reading the confessions of a good friend.”

Weird Canada | “A bible for domestic bliss.”


Fanzine | Space in Love with Space: An Interview with Ashley Obscura


Illuminati Girl Gang | Aura Pixels

ÖMËGÄ | I Am Here

ÖMËGÄ | I Belong in My Body

Voicemail Poems | Cinnamon Oil (Audio)


Anthologie de la poésie contemporaine des femmes au Quebec (2000-2020) | Éditions du remue-ménage, 2021 – French translation of ‘Opus Seed Iris Omega’


Todos los ruiditos the Little Noises: Alt Lit Poetry Anthology | Pesopluma (Peru), 2018 Spanish translation

Mil novecientos violeta (Series Poéticas) | Editorial El Gaviero (Spain), 2015 – Spanish translation

Ashley (Opheim) Obscura

Ashley Obscura is a Canadian-Mexican publisher, editor, and multi-disciplinary poet interested in the intersection of physical and virtual worlds. She is the author of three poetry collections: SEXO POR ÚLTIMA (Socios Fundadores, 2022), AMBIENT TECHNOLOGY (Metatron, 2018) and I AM HERE (Metatron, 2014). Translations of her work have appeared in books and anthologies published in Argentina, Peru, Spain, Romania and Germany. Obscura has been anthologized as one of Canada’s best young poets (30 Under 30, In/Words Press, 2017), one of the most influential female poets in Quebec over the past 20 years (Anthologie de la poésie contemporaine des femmes au Québec, Éditions du remue-ménage, 2021), and named “one of the best poets in Quebec today” (Magazine Spirale, 2019).