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Something Happened to Me

Julian Flavin

54 pages
Cover art: Julian Flavin
ISBN 9780993946417
Fall 2014

For all the times
I've felt unsure,
I lay down
a single Cheerio.

Something Happened to Me is playful and wide-eyed. Julian Flavin writes poems that smile, ache, rain, and explicitly feel. The poems in this collection remind the reader to love the things around you, smile, and move on. Fear will come sit on your shoulder. Let it. Walk home from the corner store, behold your life. What a great thing, to have memory, to receive the world, however it may come.

Julian Flavin

Julian Flavin is an artist and musician living in Montreal Quebec. He is going through life just like everyone else, realizing many of the same things, whether ecstatic or disheartening. He played in the band Seoul. This is his first published work.