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The Saddle Hurts, Too


104 pages
Light blue foil on cover
Cover: Sophie Marisol
Cover typography: Marcela Huerta
ISBN 9781988355238
Fall 2020

You cannot care for something that you cannot feel.

The Saddle Hurts, Too is a poetic excavation through the grit and grime of personal and intergenerational history. A hybrid text of essays, prose and poetry, this collection explores what stands in the way of belonging, exposing what hides beneath anger, guilt and shame. Breezy’s debut challenges us to reconsider our responsibility to ourselves, to time, to nature, and to one another. Even something that helps carry us and offers us support—a saddle, for instance—can be uncomfortable, painful even, excruciating. With this burden, Breezy writes towards joy, movement, safety and healing. In effect, The Saddle Hurts, Too reveals an experiment in thinking that attempts to break free from isolation and bind one unconditionally to unions of ritual, kinship and belonging.


Breezy is a queer settler/Métis writer, artist and art educator. Breezy holds an M.Ed from the Harvard Graduate School of Education focused on trauma-informed teaching practices. She has worked with creative violence prevention, restorative justice and arts-based enrichment programming in schools. She currently works as an educational consultant, helping others connect, heal, find joy and grow through making.