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Aja Moore

68 pages
Cover design: Daniela Madrid
ISBN: 9781988355146
Fall 2018

I think
I would prefer Time and Love
To Money but I think I’d prefer Time
Over Love

hotwheel, Aja Moore’s debut collection of poetry is awash in sincerity and the ways in which we simultaneously crave, doubt, avoid, and disparage it. hotwheel, in turn, reveals its precious life-affirming conviction, despite its incertitude—or precisely because of it.


“Wonderfully adjacent to the terms of their own conception. Don’t let the casual dress fool you: Moore is one to watch.”
– Sina Queyras, author of My Ariel

”These are shapeshifting, fast-moving poems that skillfully navigate the universe of Poetry itself, ricocheting off mega planets like Rimbaud, Sharon Oldes, Robert Duncan, Rilke and Pound while flitting in and around the author’s personal galaxy of which these planets are part. Lines shoot through these pages like an urgent message from an important friend calling from somewhere with a low cell signal—you find yourself pressing your ear to these lines and listening to them on repeat.”
– Laura Broadbent, author of In on the Great Joke


PRISM International – Poetry As An Attunement Process: An Interview with Aja Moore

Montreal Review of Books – “The eight poems contained within transcend common designs of millennial writing by carving a space that goes beyond irony and cultural disillusionment and builds into a realm of profound sentiment. Moore writes with a post-structural consciousness that fuses experimental engagement with a loving reliance on thinkers like Adorno, Barthes, Rilke, and Rimbaud.”

Concordia – “This volume of poetry is sparkling and self-aware. Strewn with allusions to Rilke, Olds and Rimbaud, Moore’s collection captivates with a voice that feels modern, gritty and compelling.”


ÄLPHÄ – In the Radiant Afterstorm

Lemon Hound I Want to Text You About Robert Duncan

Aja Moore

Aja Moore is a graduate of the University of British Columbia. She has volunteered with the B.C. Book Prizes, Summer Literary Seminars, and as a Poetry Editor for PRISM International. hotwheel is her first book.