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Static Flux

Natasha Young

164 pages
Rose gold foil on front/back cover
Cover design: Anjela Freyja
ISBN 9781988355139
Fall 2018

My eyelids felt so heavy I may have already been dreaming when I posited aloud, for him to consider, that the electric currents in the burning center of our physical bodies fizzle out and depart but the same amount of elements remains fixed throughout the universe.

Calla is struggling to make a living as a writer in post-Great Recession New York. Seeking the paradoxical equilibrium between freedom and security, she impulsively leaves for Los Angeles—and finds herself in a swirling array of distractions, pleasures, connections, and breakdowns. Natasha Young’s quick-witted, kaleidoscopic debut novel will take you to the heart of despair in Brooklyn and leave you blissfully disassociated in the mythical hills of Los Angeles.


Static Flux is a vivid portrait of what it means to make art in the face of uncertainty, melancholy, imposter syndrome, and the desire to drive off a cliff. Natasha Young maneuvers through her narrator’s ennui with precision and grace.”
– Chelsea Hodson, author of Tonight I’m Someone Else

Static Flux is a satire that glows as much as it burns—a trancelike meditation on comfort and anxiety, gender, and class, where twenty first century cities are playgrounds and traps. It’s elegant and fast, ranges from coast to coast, made me feel like Southern California deserves to be its own country, New York is still a dark empire, that the laws of physics might be responsible for my emotional state.”
– Maxwell Neely-Cohen, author of Echo of the Boom


Full Stop Mag | “With meditations on social media, climate change, gentrification, and patriarchy, Static Flux is acutely of-the-moment, a sensitive document of the Age of Anxiety.”

TANK Magazine | “I recently read a book about the anxiety of being a contemporary writer but it didn’t mention working or anything to do with money. I found [Static Flux] a much more relatable depiction of that era, rather than a promotion of a fantasy that doesn’t exist.”

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Natasha Young

Natasha Young is a writer of essays, cultural criticism, and fiction.